I UK [tʃɔɪs] / US noun
Word forms "choice":
singular choice plural choices
1) [singular/uncountable] the opportunity or right to choose between different things

Our aim is to provide greater choice for consumers.

have a/the choice:

These people have the choice of whether to buy a house or rent one.

choice between:

Students have a choice between studying French or German.

exercise choice (= choose):

I think parents should be able to exercise some choice over what their children see on the Internet.

give someone the choice:

If you were given the choice, would you prefer a cat or a dog?

freedom of choice:

Freedom of choice is very important for many people.

personal/parental/consumer choice:

The policy will limit parental choice rather than increase it.

2) [countable] a decision to choose someone or something
choice between:

He was facing a difficult choice between staying with his family or working abroad.

choice of:

Our childhood experiences can influence our choice of career.

make a choice:

He wants people to make their own choices.

an informed choice (= a decision based on good information):

The leaflet will enable you to make an informed choice about whether to go ahead with surgery.

a stark choice (= an unpleasant choice that you cannot avoid):

Many poorer people are facing a stark choice between buying food or heating their homes.

a) [countable] a range of things that you can choose from
choice of:

The hotel has a well-run restaurant offering a good choice of dishes.

a wide choice:

London has a wide choice of cinemas and theatres.

b) one of the things you can choose from

There are three choices of dessert on the menu.

4) [countable] someone or something that you choose
choice of:

The top of a mountain was an unusual choice of venue for a wedding.

a good/popular/excellent choice:

Greece is a popular choice for a family holiday.

someone's first/second/number one etc choice:

I think Edinburgh University would be my first choice.

the preferred choice:

Research has shown that Owen is the preferred choice amongst middle-class voters.

an obvious/natural choice:

Pitcher, now 56, was not an obvious choice for the job.

a career/holiday choice:

Parents are often crucial in determining their child's career choice.

have no choice/have little choice — if you have no choice or little choice, you have to do something

I had no choice other than to accept what he said.

Many mothers have little choice but to work.

it's your choice/the choice is yours — used for saying that you disagree with what someone else has decided

It sounds completely crazy to me, but it's your choice.

leave someone (with) no choice — to make someone feel that they must do something

I was left with no choice but to report him.


II UK [tʃɔɪs] / US adjective
Word forms "choice":
adjective choice comparative choicer superlative choicest
1) [only before noun] formal of very high quality

We select only the choicest ingredients.

2) choice language is very effective and often angry or rude
choice words:

With a few choice words he had destroyed all her confidence.

English dictionary. 2014.


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